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Growing Dutch

 “Going Dutch” is a phrase you might have heard when you’re presented with a check in a social venue such as a bar or restaurants. “Going Dutch” or “in the Dutch fashion” means “to pay ones equal share” but is more commonly used as “splitting the bill”.  Where exactly the phrase originates from is debatable, but it definitely is associated with Dutch thrift and efficiency.

With Growingdutch we do exactly that, we split the bill. We go Dutch in the development of greenhouse projects. Multiple parties contribute their share to the projects in the form of in-kind equity and cash equity.  In the production of fresh vegetables it are the in-kind investment opportunities that play the largest part in the success. Growingdutch is in the pursuit of these opportunities so land-owners, communities, investors alike can reap the benefits.


In our developments we implement proven Dutch greenhouse technology in its most efficient form. This to mitigate operational as well as capital risks so we can treat our developments as income generating assets without the risks of traditional agriculture and project development. The greenhouse solutions and the Dutch way of managing the projects adds another dimension into what we like to call "Growing Dutch".